Odoo 17 New Features

Discover the Exciting New Features of Odoo 17:

1. UI/UX Redesign:

Odoo 17 introduces an exceptional stylistic transformation that exudes professionalism and elevates the overall aesthetic appeal. With a meticulous attention to detail and a focus on creating a visually stunning interface, the new styles in Odoo 17 set a benchmark for excellence.


Regular Odoo 17 Interface

Dark Odoo 17 Interface  

The reordering of applications in Odoo 17 exemplifies a holistic approach to enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. By strategically placing applications in a seamless flow, Odoo 17 enables businesses to navigate their tasks effortlessly, optimize processes, and unlock their full potential.

With Odoo 17 professional toolkit at your disposal, users have the freedom to design captivating app icons or seamlessly upload existing ones. The choice is yours, and the process is effortless.

2. Exploring the Depths: Unleash the Power of Advanced Search:

Odoo 17 introduces an advanced search feature that revolutionizes the way users explore and analyze data within the system. This powerful functionality empowers users to dive deep into their datasets, uncover valuable insights, and streamline decision-making processes.

Advanced Search

3. Sales Catalog:

Odoo 17 introduces a streamlined and efficient feature that allows users to conveniently select products directly from the catalogue. With this intuitive capability, users can effortlessly browse through the extensive product catalogue and make their desired selections without any unnecessary steps or complexities.


4. Draggable Popups:

By simply dragging and dropping, individuals can effortlessly optimize their workspace, aligning popups precisely where they’re most convenient and accessible.

5. Exemplary Professional Profile: Print a Comprehensive Employee Resume:

Odoo 17 provides a powerful platform to highlight the exceptional talent of your employees through professional resume printing. With a comprehensive set of features and a refined user interface, this enables users to create and print employee resumes with utmost precision and attention to detail. From capturing essential information, such as employment history, qualifications, and skills, to customizing the layout and design, Odoo 17 empowers individuals to present your employees’ professional profiles in a visually appealing and polished manner.

Employee Resume

6. Department Organization Chart:

The Department organization chart feature provides a visual representation of the hierarchical structure of an organization, making it easier to understand the reporting lines and relationships between different departments and employees.

Department Organization Chart

Department Categorized  

7. POS Self Ordering:

In Odoo’s Point of Sale(POS) module, self-ordering refers to the ability for customers to place their own orders directly through a self-service interface, typically using a touchscreen device. This feature allows customers to browse the menu, select items, customize their orders, and submit them for payment.

8. Kitchen Screen:

In Odoo 17, one of the new features introduced is the Kitchen Screen module. The Kitchen Screen module is designed to enhance the efficiency and coordination in restaurant kitchens by providing a dedicated interface for kitchen staff to manage orders and monitor their progress.

Kitchen Screen

9. To-do App:

The To-Do App in Odoo 17 presents a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to create, prioritize, and manage their tasks effectively. With its seamless integration with other Odoo modules, users can seamlessly link their to-do items with relevant projects, contacts, and calendar events, ensuring a holistic view of their workflow.

To-do App

10. Raise Hand in Meeting:

One of the new features introduced is the “Raise Hand” functionality for meetings. This feature aims to improve communication and engagement during virtual meetings by allowing participants to virtually raise their hands to indicate that they have something to say or a question to ask.

Raise Hand

11. Separate Menus for Every Operation Type – “Improved Operational Efficiency”:

Odoo 17 introduces an array of new features that significantly enhance the user experience and operational efficiency. One notable addition is the provision of separate menus for each operation type, which offers several advantages from a professional perspective.

Separated Menu's  


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